18 Responses to Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend 2

  1. Avatar Savanna Obregon
    Savanna Obregon says:

    It’s true. You can never truly be alone in the bathroom if you own a cat.

  2. Avatar Danielle Scremin
    Danielle Scremin says:


  3. Avatar makenzie cleveland
    makenzie cleveland says:

    the dog is so funny XD !!!

  4. hahhahahahhahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahha brilliant

  5. Avatar ashley shell
    ashley shell says:

    more of these!!!

  6. Avatar roger verhees
    roger verhees says:

    Funny video but one question: Why is the dog not humping the girls leg when
    she walked in?

  7. Avatar 0bong0bunny0
    0bong0bunny0 says:


  8. Avatar mynameisray
    mynameisray says:

    The chick is cute as shit

  9. Avatar noahguitarboy
    noahguitarboy says:

    make a third

  10. Avatar Lauren Spradlin
    Lauren Spradlin says:

    cat friend in the sliding-door blinds! bahahahhahahhahahahhahahha I LOVE IT

    omg…i think im cryin

  11. Avatar Sara Gomez
    Sara Gomez says:

    Dog acts kind of like Elf

  12. Avatar PDCdancer4life
    PDCdancer4life says:

    You should make more of these videos! xD 

  13. Avatar Tiffany Crespi
    Tiffany Crespi says:

    +Artemis Entreri #Cats This is too funny… Especially the vacuum part!

  14. Avatar Mónica VP
    Mónica VP says:

    I just love Cat-Friend. Thanks for the laughs xD

  15. Avatar aroomofmIOwn
    aroomofmIOwn says:

    Cat-friend is cute!

  16. Avatar eleveneleven
    eleveneleven says:

    LOVE THESE!!!!!…thanks for the laughs guys

  17. Avatar Marta Alvarez
    Marta Alvarez says:


  18. Avatar matt herrera
    matt herrera says:

    Lol. perfect