6 Responses to Dog causes house fire by chewing through Lynx deodorant can

  1. Retarded dog

  2. Avatar Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons says:

    note to self. buy the fucking stick deodorant next time. 

  3. Avatar kpopholic12
    kpopholic12 says:


  4. Avatar henri wiggins
    henri wiggins says:

    Don’t you know he commercial with the bear that says “only you can set
    One time the commercial came on.
    I said ” NO puppies can too I have proof”

  5. Avatar R0ckstrmik3
    R0ckstrmik3 says:

    That why u don’t give a dog a god’s name 

  6. I’d bash that mutts fucking head in within the hour for that stupid shit.
    “hes just a puppy” isn’t a valid excuse for a dog chewing threw a metal
    fucking container.