14 Responses to Dogs and cats meeting for the first time – Cute and funny dog & cat compilation

  1. Avatar sonia lamotte
    sonia lamotte says:

    Les chats et les chiens

  2. Avatar DancesWithBears
    DancesWithBears says:

    For anyone who hates cats I recommend reading “The Story of Ugly”. If you
    have the slightest bit of humanity in you it will make you cry, You can
    google it and it’s fairly short.

  3. Avatar maurus mau
    maurus mau says:

    Super no proste uzas

  4. Avatar Stoertebekerxyz
    Stoertebekerxyz says:

    Poor cats, all the dogs want play with them, but it looks they only want
    there rest.

  5. Avatar Ricia Brown
    Ricia Brown says:

    I think cats confuse dogs.

  6. 0:34
    The return of Sammy “The Hands” Johnson.

  7. Avatar iluvallmychao0071
    iluvallmychao0071 says:

    1:14 LOL Poor cat getting dog-piled.

  8. Avatar love heart
    love heart says:

    Why do animals in Japan look so cartoonish and cute? What is going on over

  9. Avatar EpigGamer
    EpigGamer says:

    Lol that cat getting raped but all those puppies, life must be horrible. 

  10. Avatar JWLuke787
    JWLuke787 says:

    After our first dog died. [well after we bought the cat] We snagged two new
    shelties. When we put them on the kitchen floor our cat saw them and his
    eyes got wide and you could tell he was like “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE!?!”
    Then they chased him around the house and one of them belly slid down the
    stairs after him. Naturally the cat was old and threw up afterwords.

  11. Avatar DancesWithBears
    DancesWithBears says:

    I noticed that none of the dogs tried to hurt the cats, not even the large
    dog with the tiny white kitten. All the dog had to do was chomp one and the
    kitten would be toast. I’ve seen the same things with my dogs and cats.

  12. Avatar pony66360
    pony66360 says:

    1:12 OWCH!!!

  13. Avatar MySoulzASong
    MySoulzASong says:

    I adopted a stray cat about 8 years ago from our local pound. He was 2
    years old, and just pulled from the streets. He still smelled like motor
    oil, was covered in filth, and about the size of a small dog. So naturally,
    I was very leery bringing him home to meet our 7 year old border collie.
    When I introduced them, it was like they were long lost friends. I’d never
    seen such a fast companionship develop between a cat and a dog.
    Unfortunately, Ozzie, the border collie, lost his battle with cancer in
    November 2012, and Bruiser, my cat, has not really been the same since. :(

  14. Avatar mindsaglowin
    mindsaglowin says:

    This video gives new meaning to “Cats rule and dogs drool.”