Funny dogs playing dead after finger shot – Funny and cute dog compilation

Funny compilation about dogs. They are traind to play dead after a finger shot. Funny and cute. Please like it, share and SUBSCRIBE! More compilations about …

Funny compilation about dogs and their strange and crazy behaviour. Some dogs are really hilarious and silly 😀 Please watch also our other compilations and …
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41 Responses to Funny dogs playing dead after finger shot – Funny and cute dog compilation

  1. Avatar Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera says:

    I don’t know, but is there something strange going on here? How do all
    these dogs know to lay down when pretend shot at? Can this be some sound
    or gesture commonly known by dogs??? Anybody got any insight on this, I’d
    love to know.

  2. Bang.

  3. Avatar yakima weston
    yakima weston says:

    0:32 & 0:36 r my faves

  4. Avatar Brian Job
    Brian Job says:

    Obviously we need more “Bang Control” ?

  5. Avatar Suriel Morales
    Suriel Morales says:

    0:36 is a great actor!!!!

  6. Avatar Niece Nmezu
    Niece Nmezu says:

    0:36 is the best

  7. “I’m going to shoot you, Buttons!” LOL

  8. Avatar Noah Diriye
    Noah Diriye says:

    0:36 is so funny

  9. Avatar cooldirtbikerider8
    cooldirtbikerider8 says:

    the husky was the besta and so was the one before him 0:32 and 0:36

  10. Avatar AnotherWeirdo
    AnotherWeirdo says:

    Aww the Husky :’D

  11. Avatar alex varner
    alex varner says:

    is the best funny XD

  12. Avatar saji.v panicker
    saji.v panicker says:

    2:18 cute

  13. Avatar Lóránt Hegedüs
    Lóránt Hegedüs says:

    0:32 is the winner:D

  14. Avatar Chris Birch
    Chris Birch says:

    6th one was soooooo cute

  15. Avatar irina meza
    irina meza says:

    a uy reven yes go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Avatar Sierra Andrade
    Sierra Andrade says:


  17. 0:36 is hillarious

  18. Avatar Deborah Macaoidh-Selim
    Deborah Macaoidh-Selim says:

    I have NEVER seen a dog flip without being trained, just for fun. #CrazyDogs

  19. Avatar Marya Stracciatella
    Marya Stracciatella says:

    the best : the dog with red socks jajajjajajajja

  20. Avatar Ethan Lec
    Ethan Lec says:

    We’re do you live

  21. Avatar squishypitbull
    squishypitbull says:

    30 secs …funniest thing ive ever seen

  22. Avatar Gaudrė Lešciukaitytė
    Gaudrė Lešciukaitytė says:

    Sir, this is what i call a normal dog :)

  23. Avatar robloxand thestalkers
    robloxand thestalkers says:

    2:19 epic lol

  24. Avatar nintendogsloverz
    nintendogsloverz says:

    3:13 THATS MY DOG. I’m be real my dog always does that my dogs a white and
    sand cockapoo named friendlys I never recorded it Mabel the person who sold
    him to us 

  25. Avatar angel42260
    angel42260 says:

    3:00 blue eyes :P

  26. Avatar Acah M Bicknell
    Acah M Bicknell says:

    awesome video, but you should also cite the songs as well. iI you know the
    song, please share! I want to learn that on the piano! thanks.

  27. Avatar Pickachu MV
    Pickachu MV says:

    wtf did i just sawed xd
    but funny video i like it

  28. Avatar Ceilidh Hall
    Ceilidh Hall says:

    3:12 = xD hilarious and creepy

  29. Avatar A Campbell
    A Campbell says:

    is that the eyes of the dog glowing or is it the camera becuz many dogs hv
    those kind of eyes and im wondering how do they hv glowing eyes or is it
    just the camera…

  30. Avatar Xreivinx Blackyard
    Xreivinx Blackyard says:


  31. Avatar megacrazylea
    megacrazylea says:

    Whats the Song called ? 😀 

  32. Ah the joy in being alive.Take a lesson from our wonderful friends.

  33. So cute I love it so much

  34. Avatar Laura Weinstein
    Laura Weinstein says:

    Wonderful fun; please do more!!!

  35. Avatar afrah ansari
    afrah ansari says:

    Translation.. Lol it was gud

  36. Avatar Taryn Clarke
    Taryn Clarke says:

    sooooooo cute!!!!!!

  37. Avatar Preacke O.O
    Preacke O.O says:

    taht is all sweet okay but i see ALL TIME THE DOG ARE TO FETTT !!!!!! ever
    when i look so movies !
    i mean wirly fett

  38. Avatar Karla-Maria Dontu
    Karla-Maria Dontu says:

    So cute. I do the first one all the time 

  39. Avatar haylee burgess
    haylee burgess says:

    1:49 What type of dog wasa that?

  40. Avatar Megan Lee
    Megan Lee says:


  41. Avatar Carissa Fortin
    Carissa Fortin says: