11 Responses to Funny Dogs Popping Balloons Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

  1. Avatar Najeeb Jarrar
    Najeeb Jarrar says:

    just some dogs and balloons

  2. Avatar Cindy Pecina
    Cindy Pecina says:

    Credit for this funny video goes to, (funnyplox) from YouTube. I hope you
    all enjoy as much as I really did! :)

  3. Avatar Chris Reeves
    Chris Reeves says:

    Balloons are dandres they can hurt

  4. Avatar Nicola Mazbar
    Nicola Mazbar says:

    Dog vs. Balloon

  5. Sounds great Cindy. I appreciate you wanting to share. Feel free to do so
    via link or embed, and especially with your grand kids! Thank you for the
    sub, I will happily continue providing family friendly videos for you and
    the young ones to enjoy together. =D Thanks again for your feedback.

  6. Avatar Cindy Pecina
    Cindy Pecina says:

    Very cute and funny! I can’t hardly wait to show my grandchildren. Thanks
    for the email you sent me…that was very nice of you. In reply to it, I
    say, “Your very very welcome!”. I subscribed to your channel. =D I’m gonna
    share this on my Google Plus and give you the credit, of course, I always
    do that with every video I share. =D

  7. 6th

  8. Avatar brokenboarder22
    brokenboarder22 says:

    Not even 10 comments before a party pooper. 🙁

  9. Avatar Raven Jenkins
    Raven Jenkins says:

    This was too cute. I’m not so much a dog person, but I love watching them!

  10. Avatar Brittney Jimenez
    Brittney Jimenez says:


  11. Avatar Rachel Copeland
    Rachel Copeland says:

    Awe people, don’t do this with your dogs. It’s cute, but they could choke
    really easily.