20 Responses to How to groom your Shih Tzu dog in a short shaved body &fluffy legs hairstyle


    Wat a good boy!
    Haircut came out nice

  2. Avatar 2PurpleStars6
    2PurpleStars6 says:

    hello, i could not just watch without commenting on your work. you did an
    very good job! I hope my baby will turn out just like yours did.

  3. Avatar MegaZiglet
    MegaZiglet says:

    This is really helpful. I want to start grooming mine more often. The few
    attempts I’ve made thus far haven’t come out looking too great, but I’ll
    keep trying. Good job.

  4. Avatar Simply Chii
    Simply Chii says:

    He’s so cute

  5. Avatar fast2renu
    fast2renu says:

    Where did you get your clippers? do you have to order the blades
    separately? Can you do a video on your grooming supplies Please? I just
    picked up my boy on Thursday and wan to start grooming him myself….

  6. Avatar Raissa Bruno
    Raissa Bruno says:


  7. Avatar spinmoney101
    spinmoney101 says:

    Cute dog!

  8. Avatar Chanelle Walker
    Chanelle Walker says:

    Wow! Looks great. I wish my shih tzu was this good during grooming lol

  9. Avatar BeatsbyZay
    BeatsbyZay says:

    Wow nice job

  10. That face! Such a sweet dog.

  11. Very nice video.

  12. For those that want fluff left on the back use a 7 or 4 blade. Be very
    careful using these blade under the arms/leg area. It is easier to catch a
    bit of skin in these blades and cut your dog. For beginners, a 10 blade is
    safer – it is hard to cut a dog with it. Guide blades are great for
    beginners. You can put them on your 10 blade and not run the risk of
    cutting your dog. The stainless steel ones are better then the plastic
    ones. Also agree with the lady about shaving around the anus.

  13. Avatar Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith says:

    To cute at first I was like don’t shave him but he’s really cut

  14. Avatar Litl Miracles Pugs, Ponies n Studio
    Litl Miracles Pugs, Ponies n Studio says:

    Thanks…Im a do it yourselfer and tho I do my bodies similar I was never
    sure what to do with the heads. Ive learned from your video and cant wait
    try some of your ideas! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  15. Avatar Radha Chuhan
    Radha Chuhan says:

    Aw. We have the same shihtzu color! I loveeeeee this. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Avatar vickip54
    vickip54 says:

    So precious! You did a great job! The poor fellow was trembling. 🙁 Mine
    does too.

  17. Avatar Meire Andrade Fazio
    Meire Andrade Fazio says:


  18. Avatar Ariana Morris
    Ariana Morris says:

    Do you just use normal shears?

  19. Avatar Line Svensen
    Line Svensen says:

    Haha so cute. I have a sish tzu myself. Hes the best:):)

  20. Avatar Maureen Bongat
    Maureen Bongat says:

    my bubbles (maltese) is quite easy to get bored and tired when i groomed
    her for the first time earlier this day .. o.O your dog on the other hand
    likes it better though ..