Puppy In Training TV – Ep3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters

http://PuppyInTraining.com – As Guide Dog Puppy Raisers what do we do with our puppies when we go on vacation? Colby visits Oregon for the 197 mile Hood to C…

13 Responses to Puppy In Training TV – Ep3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters

  1. Jeanie is exactly the same color dutch is!

  2. Avatar Miko Morita
    Miko Morita says:

    I loved the video Colby especially the scene with the dogs in the pool! It
    reminded me of when Maffy used to go swimming without us. Anyways, when I
    go on a trip, if my roommates are not able to take care of Lulu, I usually
    hire a pet sitter to come over, feed her, play with her and clean her
    litter box.

  3. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @MrScottishPiper thanks for checking out our videos. Good luck with your

  4. Avatar upticksports
    upticksports says:

    Great video. You’re doing a great job with the dogs.

  5. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @Valkyrir4 thats great that your current guides former puppy raisers are
    able to watch your dogs. I’m sure they (puppy raisers and dogs) love seeing
    each other again.

  6. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @esuhtah thanks for watching Dublin’s latest video and he has grown a lot
    since Episode 1. I have a question: How do you’re sister and brother-in-law
    decide what kennel service to use? through referral? internet search? I’d
    be interested to know just in case I ever have to use kennel services with
    my dogs.

  7. Avatar Richard Loback
    Richard Loback says:

    I enjoy your Videos Iam Blind and Applyed to a few Schools right now Iam
    waitting to here back from a schools

  8. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @kthify cool! I can’t wait to meet her!

  9. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    I was just wondering what do you do with your pets when you go on vacation?

  10. Avatar Penny Stevenson
    Penny Stevenson says:

    I’ve just been on a weeks holiday and had the fortune to be able to leave
    my current guide and my retired guide with my current guides former puppy
    raisers. Both girls also were able to have their own beach holiday which
    they loved.

  11. Avatar rissamorita
    rissamorita says:

    Great video! We leave Georgie with his grandparents when we go on holiday.
    He loves it with his grandparents because he gets to play with other dogs
    and gets a ton of treats 😛

  12. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @rissamorita thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. It sounds like Georgie
    is lucky to stay with his grandparents.

  13. Avatar PuppyInTraining
    PuppyInTraining says:

    @mikomoable thanks! I’m glad you liked the video. We haven’t tried hiring a
    pet sitter for Linus and Stetson. We’re lucky enough to have family and
    friends who can usually watch the two boys.