Service Dog In Training at Target part 1 escalator elevator

Part 1 of 3. 10 month old service dog in training Ollivander (standard poodle) gets a dry run of the public access test from the Psychiatric Service Dog Soci…
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Sorry for the poor camera angles. I was trying to focus on her and video it at the same time, which was kind of awkward!
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  1. im getting a poodle as a service dog , and would a standerd poodle be the
    same size as labrador retriever? whats the size difference?

  2. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @francoroni Sorry, just looked at the video and saw that in this one I am
    actually using the activedogs reflective one. I hadn’t gotten the onlead
    one yet. You can see that one in my later videos.

  3. Avatar MyMinPinDoesTricks
    MyMinPinDoesTricks says:

    I’ve been trying and trying to get my Dobe to be my PSD, she is very well
    trained, she is just so shy. I decided not to stress her with that job, I’m
    going to start with a puppy. I love standard poodles! I’ve been researching
    them for years. I may be getting one to train to be my PSD. I’m working
    with a proffesional trainer so I don’t mess up this time LOL. Very nice
    heeling on ollie’s part!

  4. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    Try when you are in the elevator giving lots of high value treats for
    simple obedience (like touches or watches). This will help your dog focus
    on something else, and will make the elevator a rewarding place. Do not
    coddle them, as it reinforces their fear. If they are too scared to eat in
    the elevator, take a few steps back and work on desensitization outside the
    elevator, then walking in and out of a stationary elevator. Eventually work
    up to sits, downs, and moving around in the elevator.

  5. Avatar TheBahaiGirl
    TheBahaiGirl says:

    @2KARGARAGE if you were smart, you would have noticed that ollie was still
    just a puppy. In your little fantasy world, a 10 month old puppy must be
    perfect, but in reality, this is just the beginning of training. Educate
    yourself before you make yourself look any more ignorant and rude.

  6. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @MyMinPinDoesTricks I think Spoos are a great choice– not that I am biased
    or anything!

  7. Avatar liloperachick
    liloperachick says:

    I am wanting to become a service dog trainer what do I need to do to become
    one? I am a student getting my ba in animal science

  8. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @therapydogchick Mine was a gift from friends who got it from onlead (dog)
    biz. Many places make them, though. I have a reflective one from activedogs
    as well- it is rough on the hands, though. Bridgeportequipment has leather
    and colored nylon ones. Servicedogdesigns makes some nice leather ones,
    too- including ones with an integrated limited-slip collar.

  9. Avatar ffaqueen08
    ffaqueen08 says:

    My dog is having some problems with elevaters. He does the splits when he
    gets in then crouchs and walks low when he gets out. I’m sure he will get
    better soon. He’s only started training and has been in an elevator three
    times. It’s also taking him a while to get used to the feel of upstairs
    wood floors. We have none in the house and it’s a different feel for him
    with vibrations and everyone’s foot steps. This dog is doing great. I’m
    sure he’s much better by now!

  10. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @blackshepherdmom The vest in this particular video does not have a pouch
    on top– it is a standard service vest from pupparel. If you look at my
    newer videos, you’ll see a vest that has a pouch on top and a handle on the
    side. That one I got from Freedom Design USA. the pricing on their website
    is wrong, and you must call to place the order. Petjoyonline also sells a
    pouch you can put on the top of some of their vests, but it is quite a bit

  11. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @tara6692 They might be similar in weight, but a standard poodle has longer
    legs compared to a lab, so the poodle would likely be taller than the lab.
    If the poodle and the lab were the same height, it would be a lighter
    weight than the lab. For example, my Ollie is 28 inches at the shoulder and
    only 67 lbs.

  12. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    I hope so, too! Ollie is mostly a psychiatric service dog, though he will
    be trained in light mobility work for my high pain days once he turns 2
    years old.

  13. Avatar alcusmc1013
    alcusmc1013 says:

    Very good video. I have a service dog that was initially trained for light
    mobility, but served mostly as a psychiatric service dog. But now I have a
    brain tumor and need to retrain him to pull a wheelchair and do more
    physical tasks. I hope he’s up to the challenge as much as your pup is,

  14. Avatar Mechelle Lech
    Mechelle Lech says:

    where did you get your pack vest? i like how it has a pouch on top. i’d
    like to get one for my PSD

  15. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    Yes, I am owner-training. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding. I would
    recommend checking out the service and therapy forums on dogster and the
    psychiatric service dog society website and listserv (link under community,
    though it takes a while to get approved) for advice and input with
    selecting the dog, training, etc. Or contact me and I’ll be happy to advise
    you if you want.

  16. Very impressive for a 10 month old puppy. I’m thinking about/getting
    information on getting a service dog. Any advice on which breeds are more
    suitable, or where to find one?

  17. Avatar stagunholy
    stagunholy says:

    Oh he’s adorable, and quite well-behaved too. Are you self-training? I ask
    only because I’m owner-training my own PSD in the very near future, and I’m
    curious. 🙂

  18. Avatar BorderProductions92
    BorderProductions92 says:

    WOW!! Ollie’s a very bright pup. My dogs would never pass stuffie and beef
    jerky test! lol. Nice Job! 5 stars!

  19. Avatar PhatCaprice
    PhatCaprice says:

    Cool dog. He looks like ours, turning gray!

  20. Avatar stagunholy
    stagunholy says:

    I thought so, and it definitely seems that way. Fortunately, I have two
    dogs already that I’ve worked with so I’m not going in totally clueless,
    but I imagine it’s a ton of work. I’m a part of a couple LJ communities
    too, so I’ve gotten advice from them also, but I didn’t think of dogster or
    anything. :] Thanks!

  21. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    He was born black and will turn completely silver by about 2 years of age.
    It’s an interesting color transition!

  22. Thanks. He doesn’t really like to eat while working. Since he is my medical
    dog (trained by me) he’s always paying attention to what’s going on with
    me. He’s been offered treats at places and people wonder why he won’t eat.
    He looks at me as if to ask if it’s ok. Now he’s lying down in the
    elevator, which is fine with me. We’ve been in mostly exposed elevators
    (Bass Pro Shop’s clear view looking into the fish tank on the way up then
    out above from second floor) he likes.

  23. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    A dog of any breed can be a service dog, but it seems the most common
    breeds nowadays are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Standard
    Poodles. I wrote an article called Choosing the Right Dog on the
    Psychiatric Service Dog Society website that details how to choose a breed
    and so on.

  24. what an awesome vest!!