Service Dog Training and ADA Compliant Mobility-Stability Service Dog

Gage, a male Doberman Pinscher from Locust Grove, Virginia, shows off his new skills as an SDAP Balance Dog. In making the transition from an unruly house pet to a 28 C.F.R., Subpart A § 35.104 and ADA compliant Service Dog, Gage underwent Basic On Leash Obedience Training, Extended Off-Leash Obedience Training, Agility Training comparable to that of a Police K-9, specialized Balance Dog Training and also learned to summon medical assistance using the SDAP, LLC MA-100 Medical Alert and Automation System. When Gage steps on the box, two way communication is established with medical and security personnel and simultaneously the SDAP system turns on lights throughout the home, takes control the security system, and operates appliances like garage doors all of which are linked via a standard extension cord to the home’s existing electrical wiring using carrier wave and radio frequency signals. Gage will also recall to the side of his fallen owner and then assist in recovery from a fall.  Gage does work and performs tasks for an individual with disabilities.

An update on this story, I received an Email from the trainer of Gage.

Here is what the email contained ;

I would ask that you remove the story of Gage, who was trained at Aberdeen Acres. The young lady who actually trained the dog  (and is pictured) is my daughter. The man who owns Aberdeen Acres, Russ Ebersole, is a convicted felon. He served time in a federal prison for defrauding the US GOVERNMENT by “training” bomb dogs who were unable to find bombs. There is still a federal line on his “business”. In addition,  he was CONVICTED last year on numerous counts of animal abuse.  He is not allowed contact with animals as a condition of his recent release from serving over a year in jail again.  All information can be found at Please remove references to this facility lest anyone try to contact them for training.


Well at least; we know that the young lady can train service dogs, maybe she needs to take over the company.

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