Service Dogs in training and a “service dog” at Ikea

Ollie (poodle) and Iris (German shepherd) are almost two years old and visit Ikea. Ollie has been in training for 1 yr 9 months, Iris has been in training fo…
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16 Responses to Service Dogs in training and a “service dog” at Ikea

  1. Avatar Angela Margolin
    Angela Margolin says:

    I have a service dog she has a fb page it’s called jewels the service dog”

  2. Avatar Adrienne Camus
    Adrienne Camus says:

    @Veronica Morris: Regarding your response to Leon Kirby, I agree. Also, the
    two-question law really applies to employees of the business. Since you’re
    just another customer, you really have the right to ask whatever questions
    you want. lol, I have a PSD that’s almost done with her training, and she’s
    really just now starting to ignore other dogs. It’s a TOUGH one to train,
    for sure (especially if your SDiT is young.)

  3. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    I would not take the dog out as a service dog in training until this
    behavior is controllable. What I would do is work with a professional
    trainer to help this behavior. Actually, a behaviorist might be a great
    idea if there is one in your area. To start with, I would recruit men in
    your life to walk past and throw treats without making eye contact. Work up
    to having them walk closer and even talk with you etc. Best of luck!

  4. Avatar Andi Nichole
    Andi Nichole says:

    Any tips for Reactiveness? we are in intense training for one of our dog’s,
    we already own one Service Dog but she was never Reactive like the one we
    are currently training. She get’s panicked around Men (Peeing, rolling on
    her back, barking etc.) and also barks like crazy at other dog’s. Any tips
    for correcting this?

  5. Avatar 911ambulancegirl
    911ambulancegirl says:

    I guess we will never really know if that was acutally a service dog or
    not, but it is people who take dogs like that in public who make it more
    difficult for those of us who have legitamite service dogs. Its a shame. I
    also hate it when celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell encourage people to
    label their dogs as service dogs just to get them onto airplanes, oooooo
    that makes me so mad!

  6. Avatar Weldenteanisepic
    Weldenteanisepic says:

    im gunna get one soon =D im soo exited

  7. Avatar AshleyN1993
    AshleyN1993 says:

    yes but service dogs shouldnt pull on the leash like that one did. she also
    wasnt sure if the dog was a service dog which is why she asked, but because
    of the dog behavior its pretty clear this isnt a service dog

  8. Avatar AshleyN1993
    AshleyN1993 says:

    good, im good at putting a bunch of words together and making no since 😛

  9. Avatar AshleyN1993
    AshleyN1993 says:

    they did charge up, then seen the dog and noticed it was somewhat randomly
    placed and as trainers they asked. as far as i know its not against any
    laws for a customer to ask. im trying to get me a PSD and once i do id love
    if customers came up to ask me more about it. i think the public should
    know more.

  10. Avatar AnakinPSD
    AnakinPSD says:

    hearing assistance dog on a Flexi Leash?

  11. Avatar AshleyN1993
    AshleyN1993 says:

    it may appear that way to the untrained eye but im sure its not.

  12. Avatar Jessica Carney
    Jessica Carney says:

    @lpkirby How did they ‘not back off’? They simply asked one fair and veeery
    LEGAL question… “Is that a Service dog?” The dog was violating service
    dog etiquette by lunging at the other dogs. The two ladies WALKED away.
    They didn’t hound or keep asking the person questions like you are implying
    stupidly… they talked amongst themselves and there’s nothing wrong with
    that. I use a service dog.. assuming that you are a handler, you know
    nothing. If anyone should be ashamed, it’s you! Good day.

  13. Avatar Well-Mannered Dog Obedience Academy
    Well-Mannered Dog Obedience Academy says:

    @francoroni I do think it is going to get to were the dogs are required to
    be IDed in some way. There are a lot of Owner/Trainers out there that are
    not being responsible like you two are. They are not properly training
    their dog or they are trying to train a dog that simply does not have the
    character to do this type of work. Congrats to you and your good work! Keep
    it up!

  14. Avatar Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris says:

    @Maliraptor2009 This was not a normal circumstance- a handler-less dog
    surprising and posturing at her (seen better in person). It would be
    foolhardy for Iris to ignore the dog in this situation, as ignoring the
    posturing can result in being attacked (I have experience with this). Iris
    ducked her head, put her ears back, licked her lips, and made her body look
    smaller. She is telling the posturing black dog “please don’t hurt me, I’m
    friendly”. The lady said “haven’t lived enough I guess”.

  15. Avatar CatMommy84
    CatMommy84 says:

    It does make sense. 🙂

  16. Avatar Secrets2DogTraining
    Secrets2DogTraining says:

    @francoroni Can you give me the website address where you got ollies
    harness at, i cant find it. I know it freedom design but i can find it