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  • The King of the Jungle

    01310739881_jungleb.jpgThe African Lion was nicknamed the King of the Jungle because of its majesty and strength. It has immense beauty and it makes a great site for tourists. They are light yellow brown in color. Mature male lions spot a thick mane that runs from the neck to the upper back. The manes which are a mass of thick hairs are either black or brown in color. A mature male lion is about 4 feet tall, and its length is about 5 to 8 feet. It weighs from 150 kgs to 227 kgs. Female lions are smaller and weigh less than the males.

    The lifespan of a lion is between 10 to 14 years. For short distances, it can run up to a speed of about 50 mph. Its diet is purely meat especially that of wildebeests, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and wild hogs. Sometimes, it can also feast on hippos and rhinos. If the chance presents itself, they can bring down an elephant especially when food is scarce. This though must be done by team work.

    In the years past, lions used to be found freely roaming in most parts of Africa. Today, they can only be found in South Sahara desert and some parts of East and South Africa.  Most have been poached, others killed without cause and some died as a result of food scarcity. As human’s encroached the wildlife land, most animals reduced in great numbers. Today only about 21000 can be found in Africa. Special attention is now being accorded these great cats so as they do not become extinct.