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  • Walk Safe in the Jungle

    11310739881_junglecat.jpgWhat jungle you ask? We live in a dangerous world. We could be the prey of a human predator the same way an impala might be the prey of a tiger. What can we learn from creation? What do animals know that humans don’t? What strategies can we adopt from the animal world that will help us be safe?
    We humans are still animals. Don’t believe me? Look at a hungry teenager at lunch, his mother at a sale or his father at a little league game. We are more intelligent and we are more aware of our motives and moral implications of those motives, but we are still animals. We are still responsible for our actions. Our intelligence and conscience give us an inherent sense of right and wrong. The predator ignores that sense. That’s what makes him dangerous.
    We can be fooled into thinking that we live in a safe world. It doesn’t look like a jungle, there are too many buildings, and we have sidewalks and paved streets not paths and trails.
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    It’s extraordinary that with just a jeep or stilts, travelers can take their trips thousands of miles, or even around the world. Have you ever taken such challenging trips? It’s impossible because thoWhat really confuses us though is that everyone looks so nice. They would never hurt us. Let’s see the real picture. What is this society really like?
    Street attacks that seem random may be well planned. Studies have shown that the vast majority of attacks are planned. How are they planned? What criteria do they use? Could knowing that help us to be safe?
    The predator always has three advantages. He chooses the where, when and how of an attack. He has a plan. We don’t. Or do we? Let’s go back to the animal world and see what we can learn.
    We have all seen nature shows about Africa and how the animals interact. What is the motive and intent of the predator? How does that shape his decisions and actions?
    The predator has one goal, EAT.
    He’s not fighting for honor, country or a philosophy. He is hungry. When he looks for a victim he is looking for an easy mark, one that will give the least resistance. He looks for the young, weak, injured. He looks for the lost and isolated. He picks the straggler, because there is less risk more reward. How does that relate to us?
    The human predator actually has the same goals as his animal counterpart. He wants to eat. In our case that means robbery. He also doesn’t want to be injured or captured. So who will he pick as his victim? He will pick the old or young. The weak or handicapped. The distracted or alone. How does this help us to stay safe?
    Here are some proven strategies.
    · Walk with confidence. Walk with your head up, shoulders back. If you look strong he’ll look for someone else.
    · Walk aware. Look up not down keep checking your surroundings. If he can’t sneak up on you he’ll move on.
    · Walk with someone. Don’t go into a deserted area alone. There is safety in numbers.
    We know that nothing is 100%. Even following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee safety they do greatly increase the likelihood you will go home safe.

  • Funny Images of Wild Animals

    21310739631_funny-animals-029.jpgThe world is always changing with lots of amazingly wonderful things related to nature, mankind, animals, and so on. In order to adapt to the real life, people usually interact with surrounding environments including nature and humankind. Animals like people-high-leveled animals are emotional with feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, etc. The animal world is always diversified and colorful with a variety of genres; therefore, they are somehow different in living habits, appearances, characteristics, and so on. We do not have much time or many chances to go to the zoo; thus, the funny images as follows show off impressive moments of animals and help us to get to know how beloved wild animals express their feelings.

    Do you guess the monkey’s feeling?

    He has just been appointed Professor, hasn’t he?

    What a perfect combination!

    The lord of the jungle is yawning.

    Do you recognize that this is a giraffe?

    We always live in unity

    A mischievous panda

    Where is your head?

    What is bigger, my mouth or your head?

    What are you surprised at?

    I consider you as my son, baby!

    There is a traffic sign ahead, let’s follow traffic laws!

    Wild or tamed?

    We will massage each other after a busy and hard workday

    We are close friends!

    Don’t show your love in that way!

    90º love

    I’m so old that my teeth take a great loss

    Sweet dreams come from the tree

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