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  • ZooMumba

    21310740201_imgp1145.jpgAs a zoo director, you can expect many challenges, personalize the zoo versatile, cater your animals and keep your visitors happy.
    The free browser-based Zoo simulation ZooMumba is a fun and crazy online diversion from the boring work and study. Your task is to ensure that your pets feel comfortable and do your best attract new visitors. To immerse yourself in an exciting adventure and the magical world of Zoo Management, you need nothing but a mainstream browser and the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player.
    In the big zoo store you buy different enclosure for your animals. Only when you have placed the enclosure, you can buy new animals. If you bring a male and female species, you can look forward soon on a sweet baby animal.
    The animals must of course be well supplied. In ZooMumba you play with the animals, provide them with food and water, and care the skin carefully.
    In the shop you will find everything, what your pets need. There you can buy grass, meat, and various fruits. Besides, you can also find drugs for your diseased animals. In the online game ZooMumba you can even build special buildings that attract visitors to your zoo. With the necessary cash you ask a wizard to assist you with all strength.
    Keep track of the Zoo-O-Meter in the eye! Are people excited about your zoo, then increasing the Zoo-O-Meter. Is your zoo, but not clever enough and attractive.