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  • Corporate man made animals proud

    21310739879_a10006.jpgSometime back, a question was asked in a meeting as how corporate is described or compared to a jungle and how the behaviour/actions of the employees are equated largely to animals?  Is the above justification is made based on some assumptions or has any scientific credence to it?
    The fact is that, there are several living creatures in ‘human form’ and in ‘human appearance’ only existing in many corporate.  
    How biology has defined man and animal separately or how man is differentiated from animal?  According biology, animals are less intelligent/evolved than humans or in other words, humans are very intelligent/well evolved.   Since animals are less intelligent, they are driven predominantly by two instincts viz., food gathering (fulfilling the basic need) and ensuring protection (seeking security). Besides this, biology could not find any other major purpose for the animals in general.

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    To achieve the above two basic instincts viz., fulfilling the food needs and security needs, animals behave in different ways such predators, prey etc. Keep focusing and working around and for the above purpose from birth to death only makes the animals to remain as animals as per the above definition.
    The question is how corporate ecosystem can be correlated to a jungle and its people as animals?  If one willingly dwells deep into the anatomy of human behaviour in corporate world, would understand that the key objective that drives people in corporate is no way different from the driving force of animals in the jungle.
    Survival and how to survive continuously in the corporate is the mammoth challenge many employees are facing every day in many corporate. 
    In corporate, large number of people struggle for their basic needs (to retain the job and ensuring job security).  The struggle for existence of people in corporate is very high and the people in corporate would venture into many mischief just to safeguard their job.  Every actions of the man in industry have its bottom line as security and need.  They exhibit performance just for the above cause, they try to acquire knowledge just for the above sake, they fight, snatch or even kill (ensure the removal of others) just to achieve the above purpose. 
    When man in corporate behave exactly like an animal in a jungle in spirit and letter, is it wrong to draw a comparison and a similarity between man vs. animal? 
    The purpose is not to belittle or malign the man in corporate, but to make him understand and empower him to be different from animal.  Being born as a man (human being), it is worth living as human being and also expected of him/her to live like a human being.  Be conscious and conscientious of your actions what ever the need be.