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  • Famous Zoo in Chicago

    01310740198_imgp6115.jpgThere are two major Zoos in Chicago which is one of the most important entertaining areas of this City. These two areas incorporate wide variety of animals so that the children have knowledge as well as get entertained by them. In addition to this, a little detail about each and every animal is also given so that the inhabitants or the tourists have surface information about these places. As there are only two Zoos in Chicago so the government of Illinois has made it sure that it is protected in every manner and has followed the rules and licensing of keeping animals in their entertaining area. One of the most important Zoos that are famous for its beauty and versatile animal is:
    1. Brookfield Zoo:
    Brookfield Zoo is located in the suburb of Chicago city. This Zoo is also named as Chicago Zoological Park. The city spread up to 216 acres of area and envelops about 450 different kinds of animal.
    Moats and Ditches: This Zoo gained attraction because it was the first one for housing animals in moats and ditches rather than keeping them in cages, which is a traditional way of housing animals in such area.

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    Famous Zoo in Chicago

    There are two major Zoos in Chicago which is one of the most important entertaining areas of this City. These two areas incorporate wide variety of animals so that the children have knowledge as well as get entertained by them. World’s famous zoos

    Zoos are exciting worlds of adventure offering a wide variety of exotic and animals for enjoyment and education. There are many world’s zoos which are recognised for their comprehensive collection of species and animals including exotic and endangered animals, environment conservation and education programs. New York Bronx Zoo

    The Bronx Zoo is the largest network of zoos in the world. It is located at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway. The zoo has over 4,000 animals for exhibition. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

    Just a mere 30-minute drive from Pattaya in the province of Chonburi is the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. The zoo prides itself for having more than 200 Bengal tigers and over 100,000 crocodiles in its more than 100-acre land. The figures are the largest zoo population in the world for the Bengal tigers and crocodiles.The authority makes it sure that the safety of children and the visitor is being met.
    Famous animals that gained attraction after inauguration: two animals caught attraction of the visitors after which there were uncountable numbers of visitors visiting the Zoo was Panda and Dolphin. This Zoo was the first one to exhibit giant Pandas, out of which one has been taxidemied and put into the Field Museum of National History for the display. Moreover, this place was also the first one to cater to the in-door Dolphin exhibit.
    Rain Forest: after having some cash inflow, this Zoo presented a Tropical view which has never been displayed by any of the areas ever before. The management created an artificial rain forest, which added to the positive word of mouth to this place. Now people seek ore creativity here than in any of the places.
    Notable Animals: some notable Animals that this park house is
    i. Ziggy, a 6.5 ton bull elephant
    ii. Olga, an Atlantic Walrus
    iii. Ookie, major Michell’s Cockatoo
    iv. Binti Jua, which is imported from Western lowland and is a gorilla
    v. Esmeralda, a black spider monkey
    And many others like Giraffe, Sea Horse, and Alligator lie in this Zoo.
    2. Lincoln Park Zoo
    Lincoln Park Zoo is a free Zoo that is located in Lincoln Park. It dates back the history in 1868 so it is the oldest Zoo of all nationwide. Though there are three more minor zoos in Chicago named as Philips Park Zoo, Cosely Zoo and Indian Boundary Park, but still this zoo is the famous of all due to its history and animals.
    Notable species in Lincoln Zoo: this Zoo is a home to Polar Bears, Reptiles, Monkeys, Gorillas, Lion Zebra, Elephants e.t.c. hence the total amount of animals this Zoo incorporates numbers to 1,250.
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  • Spotting Big Cat on Wildlife Holidays in India

    21310739247_tiger-11.jpgJungles have been part of India’s identity right since the discovery of the country. Today, despite being ravaged by the winds of time, jungles still remain a strongly compelling motivating force for planning one’s holidays in India. Visitors from far and near come to the country’s jungles in the hopes of spotting big cats like leopards and tigers.

    Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

    Home to the last of the Asiatic wild lions, the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary proves to be an unforgettable treat for most jungle aficionados on their India holidays. Most visitors are also lucky enough to catch at least one glimpse of this magnificent predator. The Gir also has quite a few leopards and other animals like blue bulls or nilgais, wild boars, four horned antelopes, striped hyenas, and marsh crocodiles.

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    Exotic Wildlife in India

    Wildlife in India is just not to visit national parks it means to take back home memories bag full. Memories of lion, tiger, elephant, peacock, panther and much more. Wildlife Holidays in Brazil

    An article outlining the amount of wildlife Brazil has on offer and proving that a wildlife holiday to Brazil should not just focus on visiting the Amazon. Wildlife Safari in India

    India is endowed with exotic topography which makes an ideal home for wildlife of numerous species of plant and animals. India has more than 50 wildlife and bird sanctuaries, National parks and 28 tiger reserves, which promises richer experiences and exhilaration for wildlife Indian safari. These tiger reserves are started to conserve and grow the exterminating population of tigers with the a Wildlife Tourism In India

    India has a vast range of wildlife species which are unparalleled to any other part of the world. To highlight these wild treasures of India, the Tourism ministry of India has started providing some exciting wildlife packages to its guests.Morning and evening safaris are held to the forest and visitors also get ample free time to check out nearby attractions like the famous Shore temple and Sun temple of Somnath.

    Bandavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

    The elusive tiger is probably at his social best here as most travellers spending a couple of days here are graced by a tiger sighting. The phrase, ‘Tiger Tiger Burning Bright’ is perhaps evidenced here. There are provisions for hiring an elephant for an hour and two for a tour of the jungle. Bandavgarh is also very popular as a jungle destination because of the availability of cheap accommodation facilities in the village of Tala, which is bang next to the main gate of the park.

    Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

    The chances of spotting a tiger in Kanha are somewhat lower than at Bandavgarh.
    However, tiger spotting does occur pretty frequently and the feel of a safari experience in Kanha is much more pronounced. A huge buffer zone surrounds the humongous core area of the forest and visitors get an overall more wholesome jungle experience as visitors can penetrate into the deep heart of the jungle. Mahouts go into the forest on their elephants and in case a tiger is spotted, they communicate the same to jeep safari drivers. Tourists are then put on elephant back for up close views of the tiger. Kanha definitely ensures a memorable experience of one’s India holidays.

    Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

    This is the oldest tiger park in India and was the erstwhile hunting ground of the legendary hunter, Colonel Jim Corbett. Only the very lucky ones get to spot a tiger at Corbett, but that is part of the charm. In some of the other national parks, one can’t help feeling that the sighting was stage managed. However, somehow in Corbett, the feeling is very different. Corbett also has a vast population of wild elephants and lucky or rather unlucky visitors even get to spot the lone rogue tuskers.

    Sunderbans National Park, West Bengal

    Wildlife holidays in India are somewhat incomplete without visiting the verdant Sunderbans. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve is the native home of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. The experience here is very different from most of the other jungles in India. For instance, owing to the swampy terrain, visitors have to take their jungle safari aboard a boat rather than a jeep or elephant. Although, the jungles are said to be well stocked with tiger, but a sighting is very rare. Sunderban tigers are also instinctive man eaters, which is a peculiarity.

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  • Funny Hybrid Animals

    01310739630_5184792sn2.jpgNowadays, thanks to the advance of biological technology, scientists are developing more and more hybrid animals, which are defined as the offspring resulting from cross-breeding of different animals. Let’s enjoy some photos of funny hybrid animals:
    1. Cama
    Cama, which was born in 1995, is the product of breeding a llama and a camel. Camas is characterized as being humpless and having the long fluffy coat of a llama. In addition, its ears are half way in length between camels and llamas, but they have the strong legs of a camel.

    A cama and its parents (camel and llama)

    A two-year old cama

    2. Zebroid
    A zorse is the result of crossbreeding a horse and a zebra. A zonkey is the result of crossbreeding a donkey with a zebra. The Zony is the result of crossbreeding a pony to a zebra. All these three are called zebroids, which are defined as a cross between a zebra and any other equine. Zebroids are also preferred over zebra for practical uses such as riding because of its body shape.

    A Zorse

    A Zonkey

    A Zony
    3. Hybrid Pheasant
    The Golden Phesant has commonly been crossed with the similar Lady Amherst’s Pheasant. The result is a hybrid with distinguished colors from its parents.

    A Golden Pheasant

    A Lady Amherst Pheasant

    Hybrid Pheasant displayed at Rothschild Museum Copyright Sarah Hartwell
    4. Leopon
    The Leopon is the result of breeding a male leopard with a female lion. The head of the animal is similar to that of a lion while the rest of the body is similiar to leopards. The most successful breeding programme was at the Koshien Hanshin Park in Nishinomiya City, Japan. Leopons are also larger than leopards and likes to climb and enjoy water.

    A leopon at a zoo
    5. Liger/Tigon
    Ligers are crossbreeds between a male lion while Tigons are crossbreds between a male tiger and a female lion. Ligers are the world’s largest cats. On the other hand, Tigons are usually smaller than either of their parents. Male Ligers or Tigons are sterile while the females are often fertile.



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  • Visit Fuengirola Zoo

    21310740196_9.jpgSpecial places, special holidays

    If you choose Andalusia and Costa del Sol as your holiday destination, make sure that you don’t miss the Fuengirola Zoo. The zoo patiently waits for its visitors in the center of the town, where the employers have beautifully managed to recreate the natural habitat of hundreds of endangered species. It is children who especially love this place, but adults learn to love it too once they cross the zoo’s doorstep.

    How the zoo appeared

    The history of the Fuengirola Zoo starts in the 1970s, when it was just an ordinary zoo, with a lot of necessities. Once 1998 came, Rain Forest took the control of the zoo and decided to transform it into just one ecosystem, a subtropical one, as the area covered by the zoo didn’t permit a higher number of ecosystems. Their result is amazing: the natural habitat of hundreds of species from Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and even Southeastern Asia was so well recreated that they even have caves, waterfalls and valleys.

    Beautiful species

    The zoo hosts a lot of endangered species and the employers are very dedicated to their work of helping these endangered species to survive.

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    Seaside Holiday Destination In Fuengirola

    If you are among those millions of tourists who go to Spain because they are attracted by the seaside destinations of this amazing country, Visit the Zoo with Your Family

    There are many exciting things to see and do in Devon. If you are staying at one of the Torquay holiday cottages or the Devon holiday cottages, you will have access to many of the popular tourist attractions in Devon. Famous Zoo in Chicago

    There are two major Zoos in Chicago which is one of the most important entertaining areas of this City Famous Zoo in Chicago

    There are two major Zoos in Chicago which is one of the most important entertaining areas of this City. These two areas incorporate wide variety of animals so that the children have knowledge as well as get entertained by them.A great work has been done with the chimpanzees. Back in the 1970s, when the conditions in the zoo were not some of the best, chimpanzees had a problem breeding successfully. Now that the conditions in the zoo are so close to those of their natural habitat, many baby chimpanzees were born, for the excitement of children and their parents who absolutely adore them. However, not only do chimpanzees breed successfully, but also species from Madagascar like lemurs, the tigers from Sumatra and the orangutans.

    Inside the zoo

    When you take your first step into the zoo, someone will take a picture of you, so that you have it as a memory.
    You will immediately feel like you’re inside an Asian or an African tropical rainforest: the noises, the sounds, the trees, and the animals will make you really feel like you are in the middle of nature. You’ll have the chance to see some amazing animals and birds, such as the Sumatran tiger, the friendly lemurs, the funny Orangutans who recently had a baby, Nile crocodiles and flamingos. If you visit the zoo in the warm evenings of July or August, you can have a delicious African meal, accompanied by traditional music and dancing. Enjoy Fuengirola Zoo!

  • Walk Safe in the Jungle

    11310739881_junglecat.jpgWhat jungle you ask? We live in a dangerous world. We could be the prey of a human predator the same way an impala might be the prey of a tiger. What can we learn from creation? What do animals know that humans don’t? What strategies can we adopt from the animal world that will help us be safe?
    We humans are still animals. Don’t believe me? Look at a hungry teenager at lunch, his mother at a sale or his father at a little league game. We are more intelligent and we are more aware of our motives and moral implications of those motives, but we are still animals. We are still responsible for our actions. Our intelligence and conscience give us an inherent sense of right and wrong. The predator ignores that sense. That’s what makes him dangerous.
    We can be fooled into thinking that we live in a safe world. It doesn’t look like a jungle, there are too many buildings, and we have sidewalks and paved streets not paths and trails.
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    The Safe Passing Bill in Texas

    The Safe Passing Bill proposed by the Texas state legislature this year was lauded by advocates as a much-needed increase in protection for vulnerable road users. The law would require motorists to maintain a three foot clearance when passing pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and construction and maintenance workers, with a penalty of $500 for non-compliance. If someone were injured because a motorist violated the law, the motorist would be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. How to Walk in High Heels Easily

    The question that most females ask me is how do I walk in high heels like a pro? Walking in high heels is so much easier than you think. The secret is practice…lots of it! But before you start practicing, getting the foundation right is so important. The first step is to get the right size shoe for your foot. I know that’s obvious…but is it? Sometimes we fall in love with a pair of shoes and squeeze our feet in even though they are obviously too small or they flap about because they are too big…either way you will never be able to walk in them properly, so don’t waste your money. Safe Bee Removal – The Experts’ Way

    Bees are a problem when these insects establish a hive in your property. Do not be tempted to take matter into your own hands and to get rid of the colony yourself. First of all, the insects you are confronted with could be the dangerous Africanized bees which have earned the reputation of being killer bees. The oddest trips in the world

    It’s extraordinary that with just a jeep or stilts, travelers can take their trips thousands of miles, or even around the world. Have you ever taken such challenging trips? It’s impossible because thoWhat really confuses us though is that everyone looks so nice. They would never hurt us. Let’s see the real picture. What is this society really like?
    Street attacks that seem random may be well planned. Studies have shown that the vast majority of attacks are planned. How are they planned? What criteria do they use? Could knowing that help us to be safe?
    The predator always has three advantages. He chooses the where, when and how of an attack. He has a plan. We don’t. Or do we? Let’s go back to the animal world and see what we can learn.
    We have all seen nature shows about Africa and how the animals interact. What is the motive and intent of the predator? How does that shape his decisions and actions?
    The predator has one goal, EAT.
    He’s not fighting for honor, country or a philosophy. He is hungry. When he looks for a victim he is looking for an easy mark, one that will give the least resistance. He looks for the young, weak, injured. He looks for the lost and isolated. He picks the straggler, because there is less risk more reward. How does that relate to us?
    The human predator actually has the same goals as his animal counterpart. He wants to eat. In our case that means robbery. He also doesn’t want to be injured or captured. So who will he pick as his victim? He will pick the old or young. The weak or handicapped. The distracted or alone. How does this help us to stay safe?
    Here are some proven strategies.
    · Walk with confidence. Walk with your head up, shoulders back. If you look strong he’ll look for someone else.
    · Walk aware. Look up not down keep checking your surroundings. If he can’t sneak up on you he’ll move on.
    · Walk with someone. Don’t go into a deserted area alone. There is safety in numbers.
    We know that nothing is 100%. Even following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee safety they do greatly increase the likelihood you will go home safe.

  • Funny Images of Wild Animals

    21310739631_funny-animals-029.jpgThe world is always changing with lots of amazingly wonderful things related to nature, mankind, animals, and so on. In order to adapt to the real life, people usually interact with surrounding environments including nature and humankind. Animals like people-high-leveled animals are emotional with feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, etc. The animal world is always diversified and colorful with a variety of genres; therefore, they are somehow different in living habits, appearances, characteristics, and so on. We do not have much time or many chances to go to the zoo; thus, the funny images as follows show off impressive moments of animals and help us to get to know how beloved wild animals express their feelings.

    Do you guess the monkey’s feeling?

    He has just been appointed Professor, hasn’t he?

    What a perfect combination!

    The lord of the jungle is yawning.

    Do you recognize that this is a giraffe?

    We always live in unity

    A mischievous panda

    Where is your head?

    What is bigger, my mouth or your head?

    What are you surprised at?

    I consider you as my son, baby!

    There is a traffic sign ahead, let’s follow traffic laws!

    Wild or tamed?

    We will massage each other after a busy and hard workday

    We are close friends!

    Don’t show your love in that way!

    90º love

    I’m so old that my teeth take a great loss

    Sweet dreams come from the tree

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