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  1. Avatar CaneCorsoLuvr
    CaneCorsoLuvr says:

    I am just wondering if you live in the United States. If you DO live in the
    U.S. and your Condo falls under the FHA (fair housing act) they CANNOT make
    you give up your dog, they also cannot force you to pay a “pet deposit”.
    ESAs and SDs HAVE to be accommodated, and if your Doctor said you needed an
    ESA, that is all the proof your need.

  2. Avatar AllowPetsInCondos
    AllowPetsInCondos says:

    The woman in this video lives in the US, in Boca Raton, FL. She was denied
    her rights, in spite of the fair housing act. She did not know about
    Citizens for Pets in Condos or about her rights under the fair housing act.
    She lost in appeal after a bad decision by a state arbirator.

  3. Avatar JESSA Scotting
    JESSA Scotting says:

    god bless u honey…I would hecka move!!! with my dog!!! those assholes

  4. Avatar themalina92
    themalina92 says:

    Talk about cruel, heartless people.

  5. Avatar Animal Adoption Fair
    Animal Adoption Fair says:

    I do believe that Renee, the woman in the video has left this beautiful
    ocean view apartment so she can live with her emotional support animal. we
    hear too many sd stories like this. Read about Pete on our blog at the
    Citizens for Pets in Condos web page. (YouTube will not let me put a link
    in my message.)

  6. =( I agree with you Im fighting to keep my girl.

  7. Avatar MiditheVeg
    MiditheVeg says:

    I cry as I watch this as I think about what it would feel like to have to
    give up my best friend. What POSSIBLE reason could there be to deprive this
    woman, and so many others like her, of their companion animals because of
    some arbitrary rule. I hope this injustice can be corrected . . . what was
    the final outcome?